About Us

Husband for hours -He is not afraid of any job.

Hydraulics , electrics , painting, and cleaning , renovation and garden works.

We do all kinds of jobs , for example changing the bulb or fixing the leaking faucet , also we do more complicated works such as house renovations.

We’got experience, knowledge, skills and all the necessary equipment.

If you are lacking of time, you are overworked and your husband has no time…(is busy?)

We offer an advise and an immediate help with fixing things for a reasonable price…. throughout Mallorca.

In every day house works you’ll get a help with an hour wife. She’ll do the washing, ironing, cooking so you can finally have a rest and relax. More info HERE.

Our price is 18 euro/hour (…..which is negotiable)

After four hours of work, the price goes down to 15 euro/hour.

Two husbands equals to 30 euro/hour.

We also help on Sundays, holidays and after the 20 o’clock – the first hour + 100%… or you can just ask for cost estimation.

We offer our services also on Sundays….during holidays…..

Ask about the cost of arrival !

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