What we do

What we do? Just everything!

  • we’ll replace the bulb in the flashlight, in the house and in the car
  • shed the annoying leaking faucet
  • unclog the nose, sink and bath
  • mow the lawn, remove weeds and insects
  • bring the shopping, furniture and even you
  • paint arbours, walls but not the paintings
  • glue, affix and seal everything you’ll break
  • fix sockets, switches and other technical wonders
  • mount furniture, screw shelves
  • move furniture, but if we can not, we’ll move the wall
  • relieve your man or your lover
  • change decor and mood (your’s and your purlieus)
  • inflate mattress, pool and even wheels
  • do the small and general overhaul

And we do this all quickly, professionally and reliably.

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